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Love makes the world go round!

So easy to say, but in reality our love-lives can be a real challenge.
We can help you overcome your love-life challenges, prevent a break up, reunite you with a lost soul mate, resolve 3rd party interference, help you improve your love-life and have better communication with your partner.
All challenges can be overcome with expert help from friendly, non-judgmental professional love coaches and that is what you can expect from us.
Our unique expertise is available by telephone from the comfort of your own home, 7 days per week from 1.00 pm-midnight (GMT). No appointment necessary.
Our services include love coaching, intuitive strategic guidance and more specialist resolution services designed to resolve the toughest, most complex of challenges in your love-life, at a time when you need it most.

Call us and lets have a chat!
You'll want to know if you can feel at ease talking to us, so why not call for a no-obligation friendly chat prior to having a consultation with us?
During a consultation we listen to what you have to say about your love life concerns, and we'll ask you what sort of outcome you are looking for. This will enable us to give you our unique intuitive strategic guidance.

Call us on
UK: 0113 534 8887
From outside UK on: +44 113 534 8887
We're open from:
1.00 pm - midnight (GMT) 7 days per week
30 minute consultations cost:
£25.00 (GBP) credit/debit card.
Discounts available.
You can extend your call.
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Intuitive Strategic Guidance
Once we've a better idea of your concerns and expectations, it'll be possible to put to you, there & then, a suggested resolution strategy for you to try out with your partner. We invite discussion on the proposed strategy to ensure you're happy with it and feel it's an approach you can work with. If you wish, you can extend any consultation with us at the same rate (less than £1.00 per minute). We're all yours until you're completely happy that there's a strategy you're comfortable with. We have time for you if you have time for us! Your satisfaction is very important to us.You can have as many consultations as you wish. We'll always be interested to hear how you get on with the strategy we've developed with you. Follow up consultations are always encouraged, but there's no obligation or pressure: you are in control - we work for you!

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If more help is needed

We don't give up easily! We'll always go that extra mile to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. Sometimes even a good resolution strategy isn't enough to fix love-life problems. It depends on the complexity of the problems: how receptive or stubborn your partner is, how difficult third parties may be. We're all individuals and whilst we might have similar problems, other factors can complicate a situation. If the initial strategy we worked out and agreed with you fails to produce the desired outcome, we can go on to try our unique tele-sensing and programming (a form of bio-feeback) either during a consultation or off-line. These will be fully discussed with you. You're in control! Our aim is always to achieve the outcome you desire at a price you can afford.

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V from Yorkshire

V from Yorkshire kindly gave us this testimonial

"Through a combination of specialist techniques, you have helped my soul mate to shed his feelings of misplaced guilt and release him from the nightmare he was living in for years. I am overwhelmed by the results. If you are thinking about contacting Love Problem Solver to help you or a loved one make positive changes in your lives, you won't find any other company as dedicated and passionate about their work - they genuinely care and want to help people be who and where they are meant to be in life"


Frequently asked questions

We're professional, caring, friendly & non-judgmental

Are your services 100% ethical

Our services are 100% ethical, no one's free will is ever compromised by any of the work we do. Our duty of care is not only of paramount importance as far as you are concerned, but also with regard to your partner or anyone else involved.

Is everything private & confidential?

Yes, rest assured of 100% confidentiality & privacy, NO data about you is ever stored by us and we do NOT disclose or sell on any information about you to anyone. We are strict on data protection.

Does my partner need to know?

No, it isn't necessary for you to inform your partner of your contacting us or about any work we may do for you, unless you wish to have us mediate between you in a conference call and this is your decision/choice entirely.

Are your services expensive?

We understand that you'll want to work within an affordable budget to you - so we'll tailor our work accordingly, after all, you're the boss - we work for you!

What love problems can be solved?

We help can to reunite you with an estranged partner, mend your breaking/broken relationships, help stop a partner from cheating on you or/and to eliminate 3rd party interferences. We can help with just about any love relationship problems, be they simple or complex!

Do I need to see you in person?

No, all of our services are available by telephone, so you can enjoy the benefits of our work from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world, we help people the world over.

We look forward to your call, speak soon!

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